Tuesday, January 20, 2009

a few more poems.

by poetree

Blinded by her own dazzling proud arrogance
Liberty oppresses and exploits others to maintain
Her illusion of power, freedom and happiness.
In her quest to stomp out terrorism she has become
a terror using force motivated by her own fear.
Simple instinctual survival tactics dressed in fancy
political suits discerned by the keen eye seem
good to some but are empty to others.
The anxiety of threats is sedated by unchecked
materialistic greed and also greed of choices.
But there is only one King, one Lord and one Superpower.
He opposes the proud, but gives grace to the humble.

Psalm 23
by poetree

The Lord is our shepherd
we are his sheep.
He is our comfort
when in brokenness we weep.
He protects us
from the wolf and bear who creep.
He guides us
walks besides us
when perils are deep.
And when the wicked curse
It is us he will keep.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Introducing Poetree

The time has come for me to share a lot more of my poems, writings and thoughts. Rather than hijacking our old blog i decided to make a new one. i hope to post several times a month with new poems, thoughts, meditations and such.

please let me know your thoughts, reactions, questions and such.

by poetree

God became not just a man
but a fetus
a child they say will
lead us
this creates quite a fuss
for those of us
who think we are wise
thus we must learn to despise
the pride that will be our demise
and we must realize
humility is the greatest prize

by poetree

I once saw a picture of a man
whose face was contorted by the
pain in his hand
He was like a son of man
Led like a lamb
And i still try to understand
that this was all part of the plan.
God blessed Abraham
and his descendants would be like the sand
and when humanity ran
God came to this land
to show that only he can
blow away hate like a fan
you and i must make a stand
all suffering, injustice and war to ban.