Wednesday, March 18, 2009

some more poems

sorry it has been 2 months since i posted last. time has flown by. here are a few more poems for you all to read. i hope that someday i will do a zine or book of poetree.

by poetree

The home of a child is a womb
Not a tomb
I refuse to be consumed
By gloom or doom
Joy growing like that of a
Hands weaving life like
Wool on a loom.

by: poetree

We want things packaged, convenient and quick
A hands-off approach to gratification.
But I’m convinced this is no way of satisfaction.
We were dirt shaped by the hands of God
In his image.
From the ground we have come
To the same we will return.
Don’t you think we should be
A little more connected
To what we came from?

Now, I’m not talking about New Age
Gaia, mother earth worship.
I’m talking about being
Of the earth.
I’m talking connection
With the food we eat
The clothes we wear
The people we meet.
Shaped earth by God’s hand
Adam (man) made to steward the land
Now so separated
Everything comes
Wrapped in plastic
Making our bodies and souls

Recovery of the One who made us
Leads to recovery of who we are.
Work the earth with your hands
Like God who did the same
And made humanity
Throw away worthless vanity.