Monday, May 18, 2009

another poem

Today i read a quote by Rabbi Heschel that said, "As civilization advances, the sense of wonder declines."

So, here is another poem.

i have a title but don't remember it
by poetree

every night i'm serenaded
to sleep by the hum and lull
of traffic.
a twisted imitation of
nature's nuculous noises.
Like one who lives near
the ocean i have
grown used to the
racket and barely
notice its ebb and flow.
It's volume is deadened
by the snow.
The stream of cars and
buses matches
my restless mind.
I've got to get out
To breathe fresher air
To hear the loon's call
To see the stars
To relieve the pressure on my soul
To be still and know you are God.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

new poetry by poetree

hey yall

i have been writing some new poetry with a bit of a new style. a lot of it has come with the coming of spring and my growing tension with being in a city.

here is the first.

a moment to be still
while the world around
still rushes past each
I pause to rest on a bench
to hear the robin's song
still audible over the
constant hum of I-35.
I look up to notice budding
new leaves on the trees
and contemplate if this
is the state of my heart.
As the sun warms my face
it strikes me how
short this life truly is.
We spend the majority of
it longing for another age
then regretting all we missed.
Why not rather enjoy each
Why not live a day at a time?
Inhale. Exhale. Life. Live. Today.