Monday, March 29, 2010

pottery: glazes

It has been a while since I have updated about my pottery internship. I took a week off while Patti's son and daughter in law were in town. During that week I started writing a little bit again hence the entries with poetry.

The next week was very low key. I was content to play on the wheel as well as demonstrating for our moms what I have learned so far. I was glad that I was still able to create during my week off and excited that pottery has unlocked creativity in me.

Last week I went in on Tuesday before heading to Kansas City for our friends' wedding. I got to glaze all of the pieces I have made and kept so far. All but three of them were fired Tuesday night and I picked them up on Wednesday evening. What a joy to hold, see and share the fruit of my internship these last few months! God has been doing a lot of restoration in me through this whole journey. He has restored confidence in me as I have been able to create with my hands. Hallelu Yah!
I have one more day with Patti, tomorrow, before we head out on our road trip. I am so grateful for this opportunity and excited to see what the future holds in regards to pottery. The plan, for now, is to continue practicing and learning pottery at my folks in Albuquerque mid-April through mid-May. I will continue to blog and post pictures. I have a few projects in mind but mostly hope to practice throwing as much as I can in order to improve my technique. After that I am waiting and praying to see what opportunities open up for me to continue growing in and through pottery.

My dad made a plate for each of us kids when we were born. They have our name and date of birth on them. I decided to continue this tradition and made my version of a plate for Shiloh. I am really happy with how the plate turned out and hope to make more for my niece, nephews and other kiddos he blesses our family with. Here is Shiloh's plate. The middle inscription says: "Our mouths were filled with laughter," from Psalm 126. This Psalm was a key part of our pregnancy.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

pottery: week 8 and 9

It is hard to believe that I have been learning pottery with Patti for 2 months already. I have been so grateful for this opportunity and am excited to see where all of this ends up.

Last week I learned how to pull handles as well as how to do sgraffito! Patti showed me two methods of pulling handles. The first was using a roller and doing more of a handbuilding method. The second is called 'pulling the handle of the pot' and is a lot like milking a cow! I was distracted and tired when I first tried this method and did not like it at all. After a few minutes, singing some songs, something changed and I pulled my first dozen handles. I had fun putting as many handles on a wedge of clay and it ended up looking like a very abstract trumpet.

One of my vases turned out to be more like a mug. I picked out my three favorite handles and then my favorite from those. I applied it using the scratch and slip method. Then I got to play with white and blue slips on my mug and plate. Patti had told me about sgraffito previously and had shown me some pieces in which she used sgraffito. Sgraffito is when you use carving tools to carve the clay and slip or glaze. The possibilities are endless. I practiced on my plate and was inspired by my dad. He had a practice of making a plate for each of his children which had their name and birthdate. I decided to make one for Shiloh. Unfortunately, I did not have my camera so you will have to wait for pictures!

Patti's son and daughter in love were in town this week so I am taking the week off. In the meantime I have been writing every day and am excited to post some more poetry, reflections, essays, etc. on here in the near future. Shalom!

Monday, March 8, 2010

fresh new poetry by poetree

i have been wanting to write poetry again lately. after a hiatus of several months here is a new poem. It is entitled, 'Fruits of the Spirit.'


Patience is not something bought

But received over

Hard long arduous

Battles that you

Never seem to win.


Joy smiles at the

Oddest of times

Like a long lost

Friend reappearing

At the moment of need.


Love is as near as

Your own breath

Yet as far as your ideal

Is from reality.


Peace rushes

In like rain

During monsoon season

Leaving a much needed



Kindness seems

A stranger to

Those who need

Her most.


Gentleness is not

Passive weak or


Gentleness is

Like a cool breeze

On a summer’s midday.


Self-control is,

Like true trust,

Always bestowed

And never exploited.