Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Introducing......November Project!!

Well folks, it is finished! I just published the November Project poetree book. I am really excited to share this and for the possibilities of future creations. Click on the picture to check it out at your leisure and give me some feedback. Hopefully I will be able to do more of this soon.
Be sure to look through both Book I and Book II. I decided to break it up into two books, each with 15 poems. Also, make sure you do not miss the Bonus Track. It is a sneak preview of a poetree book that is yet to be released. The link is www.wix.com/mplspoetree/book. Thanks!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Pottery Studio and Poetree Book

Pottery Studio

Well, after months of waiting and construction our front porch pottery studio is 'finished.' Truthfully, we have trimming, painting and other things to finish but it is done enough. This week we went to Continental Clay and purchased a Skutt Prodigy wheel and lots of accessories. Wednesday night we had a little house party where everyone got to throw something in the new studio on the new wheel!

We have a small kiln that we hope to get installed and firing in the new year. Needless to say we are very excited for the possibilities. I am excited to see what kind of rhythm happens with family, work and pottery. The next month I am working a lot because of the holidays but hopefully in January-March I will have lots of time to throw.

Poetree Book

As previously mentioned, I am writing a poem every day for the month of November. This, November Project, has been a great creative challenge for me. The other night, with assistance from Tanner, I began work on the online book that November Project is becoming. In early December I will post a link on here to the website where you can flip through the book. Not too be arrogant, but it is really awesome! I hope you like it; I think you will. Stay tuned!!!
Here is another sneak preview of the book.
Dust, sweep, clean
As I prepare
A place for creativity
May you prepare
A place for re-creation
Within me.

Sunday, November 7, 2010


The November Project by poetree!!!!!

Hey everyone out there in cyberspace. I know you all check my blog several times a week and wonder, 'why is it called poetree if he doesn't write poetry and rambles randomly about pottery?'

Okay, none of you check this and few of you wonder the above question. Nonetheless, I have recently felt inspired to write poetry again. Since I have a busy life with family and work, I felt I needed something more structured. So, I decided to write at least one poem each day of the month of November! The poems will be based on observations of everyday life. Some will have words that rhyme and some will not. I might even write a haiku!

I have a few ideas of what I will do with these poems. I may simply post them on here. I may create an online poetry book that you can flip through, I may make a papercopy poetry book to share or I may do none of the above. Ha!

Anyway, just wanted to let you know. Give me your feedback on what you would like. Here is a free sampling of 'The November Project.'


The last few leaves

fall from the trees

in this cool autumn breeze.