Friday, September 24, 2010

pottery update

hello everyone!

Some of you, like myself, may be wondering what is happening with me and my pottery adventure. Though it has been a slower season I am still very much excited about pottery. For the last few months we have slowly been building a pottery studio on our front porch. We hope to finish it sometime in October.

As of right now we have a small Skutt electric kiln, which needs to be installed, and a mostly finished studio space (see pictures on this post). Once the studio is complete we plan on purchasing a Skutt Prodigy wheel. Then the fun continues! I am working pretty much full time right now but anticipating that my hours will go down to more part-time in the winter. This will allow me to spend time with the family as well as practicing pottery. In the 'off' season I have been sketching, thinking and watching potters on youtube.

Stay tuned for more on the adventure. One bummer is that I have developed carpal tunnel in both wrists. Please pray that it will decrease so I can work and do pottery. Thanks. Also look for some writings to be posted soon. Shalom!