Thursday, October 27, 2011

Wood Kiln firing

Lately I have been throwing with a CA-2 clay body made by Laguna Clay Co. This is one of the two clay bodies that they make specifically for wood kiln firings. I met a local potter named Frank Gray and he invited me to be part of the next firing. We are hoping to do this firing the first or second weekend of November. The pictures are of some of the pieces for the firing. I took about an hour on Monday to sand them all and get them ready. Above is the best butterbell or french butter dish I have thrown yet. Below are my first attempt at this style of mug.

I have never been involved with a wood kiln firing before but have been desiring to do so for a while. The kiln was built as part of a Concrete Couch project. Concrete Couch is a non-profit art organization that does all sorts of community art projects. The kiln is located on the south west side of Woodland Park. They allow people to pay a small fee for a full or half share and then ask everyone to help split wood and keep the fire going.

I pushed myself a little bit and threw some of the biggest pieces I have thrown so far. I am happy with them and also happy with some of the mugs and tumblers I threw. As of today all the pieces are sanded and ready to be bisqued fired. Frank is able to bisque fire my pieces right here in town and also has community glazes available for the wood firing.

In other news, I threw around 50 pieces with a Redstone cone 6 clay body, also made by Laguna, and those should be being glaze fired this week. They would have been ready last week but my friend's kiln needed to be repaired. Between these two firings I should have around 50-60 pieces that will be available for sale or barter.

I have been really encouraged with the results of my throwing lately. These last few months have been awesome and these pieces are the best I have thrown yet (for the most part). I do not know if I have reached the 1000 pieces thrown mark yet but I do feel like a real (amateur) potter.

Stay tuned for pictures of the pieces from the electric firing as well as updates on the wood kiln firing. If the wood kiln firing actually happens I plan on taking lots of pictures and posting them so you all can see the process. I am not sure how much pottery I will be doing this winter for two reasons: 1) I do not have a heated studio space and 2) I have a job!


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